Pandora’s Box Emporium – Traders FAQ’s

Do I need to ‘man’ my space?


No all sales come through a central till point and takings are paid at the end of each week, a Sunday Evening.


How long do I rent a space for?


Spaces are rented on a rolling monthly basis.


How much notice do I have to give if I don’t want to sell anymore?


A one months notice is to be given the prior month.


Is any commission taken on my sales?


No, we do although ask that our staff can offer a discretionary 10% discount on sales from your items on your area over £50. We also pass on card charges if a customer pays by card of 1.75%.


How will I know what I have sold?


All sales will be recorded in a book, which will be transferred onto a spreadsheet. If you would like a copy of this monthly for your records then just let us know and one can be emailed monthly.


How do you know what comes from my stand?


All products will be labelled with the traders details, once the item has sold the label will be removed for our records. Any unidentifiable products sold a photographed will be taken and monies put on hold until identified by original owner.


How will I know if my stock is running low?


We will contact you direct to let you know your running low, but your more than welcome to pop by and restock during opening hours. Any restocking after hours can be done by appointment.


 Do you advertise my trade space for me?


No, not your space specifically. We would advertise the whole Emporium, via social media, google, local newspapers, leaflet drops etc.